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USB charging stand four 26650 independent charging

USB charging stand four 26650 independent charging

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Product name: 18650 charger four slots

Product model: BH-042100-04U

Input voltage: DC 5V 1-2A conventional USB power supply

Output voltage: DC 4.2V 1000mA

Product size: 90*30*122mm Weight: 106 grams

Product certification: EU CE/EMC certification, US FCC certification

Compatible battery model: 10440 14500 16340 16650 14650 18350 18500 18650

Features: 4 slots for independent charging, without mutual interference. Two-color charging indicator, red light when charging, green light when fully charged. The charging cut-off voltage is 4.23V, and it will stop automatically when fully charged, without overcharging.

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