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Facial Introduction Vibrating Motorized Roller

Facial Introduction Vibrating Motorized Roller

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Product information :
Face-lifting machine style: vibration type
Color: rose gold
Shell process: oxidation process

Massage head:

Tight massage feels stronger:
Lifting and firming young skin and driving the underlying muscles of the skin to vibrate the face with high frequency are the most important conditions for aesthetics. As long as the face is beautiful, the facial features will appear more delicate, three-dimensional and beautiful.

Jade Electric Roller Beauty Stick:
Calms the skin, the coolness of the jade helps the face to dissipate edema, and the high-frequency vibration massage makes the skin more energetic!

Electric Jade Beauty Stick:
Vibration introduction, gentle massage can reach the bottom of the skin with the essence

U-shaped electric beauty stick:
High-frequency vibration lifts and tightens the skin, U-shaped is more close to the skin, suitable for massage introduction in the face, neck, hands, eyes, etc.

Packing list:

Instruction manual x1, pink flannel bag x1, color box x1, EV jade roller head x1, jade disc head x1, U-shaped beauty head x1, T-shaped beauty head x1

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